About Us

History & Origin of the FSSU

Section 18 of the Education Act 1998 provides that a school Board of Management shall keep accounts of all income and expenditure, and obliges the Board to ensure that the accounts are audited or certified in accordance with best accounting practice.

This section also provides that the Board must make the accounts relating to State and other funding available for inspection by the Minister and parents of students in that school.

To fulfil this function, the Financial Support Services Unit (FSSU) was set up by the Department of Education (DE) under Circular M36-05, in September 2004 under the aegis of the JMB. The Unit is fully funded by the DES and has responsibility for assisting all schools in the voluntary sector to meet their responsibilities for financial accountability and transparency.

The DES have requested for the FSSU to expand these services into the Primary schools and to establish a division to support the management of over 3,200 Primary schools in Ireland.

Our Mission Statement

“The Financial Support Services Unit (FSSU) is a support mechanism for the managerial authorities in the primary school sector which assists them in complying with the provisions of the Education Act 1998 in terms of transparency, accountability and financial responsibility for State and other funding’.